• About

      A+B éditions proposes a collection of objects created by designers Hanika Perez and Brice Genre from the workshop A+B. Led by the designers themselves from design to distribution, each object receives the same attention. By setting up this model editing, A+Bwishes to offer high quality objects entirely made in France by the finest craftsmen and local suppliers. Objects edited by A+Bdeal with a poetic simplicity and communicate the values of requirement and care for the quality of materials and know-how.

      •       Materials Quality

        The quality of materials chosen to fabricate our collections is one of the essential characteristics of identity of A+B éditions. Our design work emphasizes the use of living and sensitive material. We pay special attention to their origin as well as the way they are produced. Objects edited by A+Bvalorize aesthetic and structural qualities of material, but also history it has to tell. For all these reasons, the objects A+B éditions can not be produced in large quantities. The small series production ensures the selection of the finest leathers, the supply of local wood, the use of unique materials produced by attentive and passionate professionals.

      •       Leather

        The leather we use for our leatherwork comes from tannery Arnal, located in the South of France, Aveyron. Taurillon skins are very carefully selected to enable the realization of our bags Case in a single cut. The full grain leather is treated in a single protocol to reveal the specific nature of the skin and keep a touch remarkable for its softness and smoothness. Each piece of leather is unique for the grain quality and the development of a natural patina. The colors black, blue and cognac are created exclusively for A+B éditions.

      •       Wood

        The wood used for the manufacture of our shelves Corbeaux is chestnut from the French Pyrenees. Traditionally the chestnut was used for the fabrication of the structural churches because its high tannin content is known to repel insects and spiders. Corbeaux shelves are manufactured in a single piece of solid wood oiled carefully highlighting the design of wood, its grain and color.

      •       Keys

        Keys allowing adjustment of the straps of the Case bag are produced in a craft company near Toulouse. Made of aluminum, they are laser cut and sanded to highlight the natural appearance of the metal.

      •       Signature

        The pieces A+B éditions are all signed by techniques specific to each material. The Miroirs and the Corbeaux are engraved in a specialized workshop near the city of Toulouse. All leatherworks Case are marked with signature A+Bin the leather workshop manufacturing the pieces.